Apulia Beat was created by Roberto Corvino


DJ Johan Weiss - Sonar Sounds (APB017)

 After his previous appearance on "Sampler 2", DJ Johan Weiss returns to the label with his debut EP "Sonar Sounds", offering three powerful tracks, with dark grooves, enveloping melodies and atmospheres that create intense climaxes. 

Various Artists - Compilation 2 (APBCOMP002) 

Apulia Beat presents Compilation an annual series of various artists that will include artists previously released on the label in a single collection.

Francesco Dell'Anna - Vecna (APB016)

 Francesco Dell'Anna debuts on Apulia Beat with a 3 tracks EP. The EP begins with “Tauro,” a 4/4 stormer featuring an energetic synth, which contrasts the melody, but complements the flagship anthem. It continues with the second track “Scorpio”, driven by sharp synth and booming drums, with a hypnotic, rave influenced banger. Finally "Vecna" closes the package with melodic trance influences, created exclusively to destroy the dancefloor. 

Roberto Corvino, Raven - Rocking Horse (APB015)

 Roberto Corvino returns to Apulia Beat after his appearance on the label, this time accompanied by Raven (IT), elaborating an amazing hard techno track, a combination of various synths, stabs and screams, uplifting transitions of frenetic voices, special pauses and a rhythm destroyer. A great mix of energy, for a release of power. 

Roberto Corvino - Destroy The World (APB014)

 Roberto Corvino returns to Apulia Beat, after his last appearance on the label. This time, he releases something eclectic, with his new track "Destroy The World". A combination of hard techno and trance, driving through various synthesizers, transitions, special breaks and a destructive rhythm. A release full of energy. 

Effective Thief - The Light (APB013)

After his last appearance in "Sampler 2", Effective Thief returns to Apulia Beat with his debut EP "The Light", featuring two original tracks.

Various Artists - Sampler 2 (APBV002)

Sampler is back, this time with 9 amazing tracks, from 9 newcomers on the label, a great trip on different shades of techno!

Roberto Corvino - Degeneration (APB012)

  Roberto Corvino returns to Apulia Beat with his new track "Degeneration", driven by an edgy Synth and "noisy" drums, made for a dancefloor destruction. 

Francesco Fontanella - Darkness Cave (AP011)

 Francesco Fontanella returns to the label with his new track "Darkness Cave", maintaining a progressive mood, accompanied by a lush female voice. The remix of Roberto Corvino with hard percussion swinging through the track with punchy vocals and snares, making for a powerful remix.

Various Artists - Elements 1 (APBELEM001)

 Apulia Beat presents Elements 1 an annual series of multi-artists compilations, which includes artists already present on the label, such as Roberto Corvino, Raven (IT) and Røte. 

Various Artists - Compilation 1 (APBCOMP001)


Apulia Beat presents Compilation an annual series of various artists that will include artists previously released on the label in a single collection.

Roberto Corvino - Oceanus (APB010)


Apulia Beat founder Roberto Corvino releases his long-awaited debut album, "Oceanus", featuring a collection of ten tracks across techno and beyond, ranging from powerful deep melodies to raw or slower and more hypnotic cuts. A journey that develops in each track with a creative and different vision trying to convey the most intimate and deepest emotions.

Francesco Fontanella - Reality is Real (APB009)


Apulia Beat is happy to welcome the producer Francesco Fontanella, for his first release "Reality Is Real". The track features a hypnotic melody, but very direct. The synths are mixed in a way that will rock the crowd.

Gigi de Martino - Spectrum  (APB008)

 After having released on label his remix for the track "Punishment" (part of the first release "Inferno" by Roberto Corvino.) Gigi de Martino, returns to Apulia Beat, presenting his first release "Spectrum" which takes you on a journey dreamy featuring edgy synths with energetic melodic lines and a strong hard techno groove. 

Raven (IT) - Fly Over  (APB007)

After his last appearance in "Sampler 1", Raven (IT) is back on the label, with his new track "Fly Over" accompanied by two powerful remixes by Roberto Corvino and Røte.

Røte - Fire  (APB006)

 After his last appearance in "Sampler 1", Røte returns to Apulia Beat with his debut "Fire" EP, delivering two original tracks and the remix of the label-boss Roberto Corvino. 

Jovan Vehn - Magnolia (APB005)

After his previous appearance on the "Sampler 1", Jovan Vehn returns to the label with his debut "Magnolia" EP, delivering three powerful original tracks, designed to take over dancefloors.

Various Artists - Sampler 1 (APBV001)

Apulia Beat, releases "Sampler 1" a selection of tracks, by new talented producers, who land on the label, with different styles of techno.

Roberto Corvino - Transition (APB004)

Roberto Corvino makes his return to Apulia Beat with his brand-new EP "Transition"  delivers four banging cuts.

Roberto Corvino - Intensity (APB003)

After his last appearance, Roberto Corvino is back on Apulia Beat, with his new EP '' Intensity '

Roberto Corvino returns to Apulia Beat with a storming 4 tracks EP in the shape of "Anger".

The release of Apulia beat 001 sees its founder, Roberto Corvino, at the forefront, releasing his first EP "Inferno" for his own label


Roberto Corvino

 Roberto Corvino, from Puglia (Italy) DJ, producer and remixer. 

Gigi de Martino

  Gigi de Martino, a producer from Turin (Italy). 

Jovan Vehn

  Jovan Vehn is an Italian dj/producer who appears on the music scene in 2012. 

Stephan Barbieri

  Stephan Barbieri, is an Italian dj/producer


  Fenich, is an Italian dj/producer

Raven (IT)

  Raven (IT), dj/producer

Davide Giannelli

  Davide Giannelli, producer and deejay from Salent.

Maurice G

  Maurice G, producer and deejay from Salent.


  Røte, is an Italian dj/producer


Francesco Fontanella

  Francesco Fontanella is an Neapolitan dj / producer



  Spektrx dj / producer



  ESM3 dj / producer



  MKK69 dj / producer



  RFB dj / producer


  PCW dj / producer


  Hotboysummer dj / producer

Effective Thief

  Effective Thief dj / producer

Giampi Spinelli

Giampi Spinelli dj / producer

Dj Johan Weiss

  Dj Johan Weiss dj / producer


  Valantino dj / producer

Francesco Dell'Anna

  Francesco Dell'Anna is hard techno producer from Puglia (IT)

The philosophy of the label is the desire to express music, in total freedom, giving vent to the techno sound that intersects with different and new sounds.



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